Treat Yourself and Your Wallet

High-Quality Artifical Turf & Putting Greens

You Won't Believe It's Not Real

Integrated Paver Systems has mastered the art of turf  installation! Integrated Paver Systems has located the best turf on the  market, and the best part is that it is affordable! The artificial turf  we use looks and feels just like the real thing! We install turf that is  both kid and pet friendly! Not only will it keep the nice green look  year-round, but it will also save you money! With the ever rising cost  of water, artificial turf is a great option to conserve your water and  conserve your money!

At Integrated Paver Systems, we proudly supply our commercial and  residential clients with artificial turf that looks and feels like the  real thing. Whether you own a miniature golf course, want to add a space  for your dog to play in, or want to create an area your children can  enjoy, contact our team for quick, easy artificial grass installation.

Beautify Your Property

As water prices continue to rise and California’s drought endures,  more homeowners and business owners are investing in artificial turf to  avoid irrigation costs. But investing in artificial turf doesn’t mean  sacrificing beauty. Artificial turf stays green year-round without  looking fake or stiff.Artificial grass also protects your property and the environment—you  don’t have to use chemicals to keep it looking beautiful or to keep  pests away. You only have to rinse the turf off once every few months to  rinse away the dirt. With artificial turf, you won’t have to work hard  to scrub grass stains out of your kids’ clothes, and your dog won’t  track mud all over your carpet and rugs.

Enjoy Our Personalized Help

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Your unique, custom  home deserves a unique, custom lawn. We’ve worked in the area for 30 years, so we understand how to create an artificial lawn that doesn’t  fade in Corona’s climate. We’ve also worked on projects of all shapes  and sizes, so we can talk to you about your individual vision and bring  it to life in the best way.

No matter how large or small your lawn, we ensure that our artificial  turf is always affordable. Don’t pay more to install the same quality  of turf. Instead, save your money by investing in our high-quality,  easy-to-maintain, environmentally friendly artificial turf.